Thursday, December 25, 2014

Main entrance to Sungei Buloh Wetland, Kranji Way

This is the larger main entrance to the Wetland from the main road, Kranji Way on the western side next of the Kranji Beach Battle site of WW2. Visitors can now enter the Wetland from here and commence trekking the trail through the new extension. The previous main entrance is at Neo Tiew Crescent, a right turn 50 metres further down the road and 300 metres further into Neo Tiew Crescent. The Visitors Centre includes administrative offices and also a showroom on the flora and fauna in the park.
A super size mud skipper to cheer the kids near the entrance to the Wetland.
Children's playground with a pulling platform to juggle to and fro to fascinate the children. This is located on the right of the entrance before entering the Wetland.

Directional signs in the wetland

Colourful direction and information signs.

Elevated rope bridge

This rope bridge cuts across the trees separating the forest trail and the coastal trail. it is about 30 metres in length.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Visitors Centre at Neo Tiew Crescent

On 6 Dec, the new extension to the east of the existing wetland was opened to the public. This new addition is about half the size of the original wetland and stretches to the Kranji World War 2 site where a battle was fought against the advancing Japanese invaders. A new and bigger Visitors Centre has been erected right in the middle of the Wetland between the old and new extension to the east. The second picture is a rope bridge hanging over a water area. PS: The pictures of the original wetland are posted following these few pictures of the new extension.

Visitors at the wetland

Visitors exploring the new extension of the wetland.

Canopy hides

There are quite a number of these new structures in the extension on the eastern half of the wetland. These are really hides for the visitors to observe the surrounding jungles on elevated ground.

Inside a tropical swampy jungle in Singapore

These are views of natural swampy jungle in the island, a half an hour from the heart of the city state. Visitors could get a feel and preview of the larger Malaysian jungle up north. In Sungei Buloh, visitors could feel, smell and trample inside the jungle in absolute safety short of waddling into the swamp where crocodiles are sighted quite regularly. Occasionally crocodiles could be sighted crossing the jungle path and adults should exercise extreme safety when letting the children run wild.